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Religion and Ethnic Diversity Free Essays

Religion is something that numerous individuals around the globe practice. There are a wide range of kinds of religion and every religion have their own convictions and practices. I needed to get familiar with Jehovah’s Witnesses; this is a religion that I am new to. We will compose a custom exposition test on Religion and Ethnic Diversity or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now Jehovah’s Witnesses believe themselves to be Christian, they base their practices and convictions on their own interpretation and significance of the Bible (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, 2013). Jehovah’s Witnesses call themselves this on the grounds that God’s name is Jehovah; they feel it is just option to call him by his name. An observer is an individual who broadcasts perspectives or facts of which he is persuaded; in this way Jehovah’s Witnesses assigns them as a gathering of Christians who announce reality with regards to Jehovah. Jehovah Witnesses have totally different convictions than others who view themselves as Christians. Jehovah Witnesses don't praise certain occasions; Christmas and Easter are two of the most widely recognized occasions celebrated by different strict gatherings who see themselves as Christians. As indicated by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (2013), Jesus Christ directed that we recognize his demise, not his revival or his introduction to the world. They likewise accept that there is no record of when Jesus was conceived and that Christmas was gotten from Pagan religion and convention and received by different religions (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, 2013). Easter is to be viewed as a vacation not of God, and that by different Christians observing Easter they are affronting God. As indicated by Jehovah Witnesses convictions Easter has to do with antiquated richness ceremonies and the love of the Sun and all the new life it can bring religions (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, 2013). As indicated by numerous religions including Christianity, the Cross is a general image used to distinguish their confidence and Christianity. Jehovah’s witnesses accept this doesn't represent a person’s confidence or unwaveringness to God in any case, the cross is simply a made thing and that you can just show your adoration for God through generous love, and that is simply the main genuine approach to recognize as a supporter of God. Jehovah’s Witnesses don't have indistinguishable convictions from different religions that see themselves as Christian nonetheless, they don't slight different religions, and rather they attempt to teach individuals about their religion and convictions planning to show others what they accept the right method to follow God and his ways. Jehovah’s Witnesses that are purified through water in this religion are required to adhere to the standards and convictions and on the off chance that they stray from those convictions they could be avoided or disrespected from the religion and its supporters. Jehovah’s Witnesses guarantee that all ministers and pioneers of the gathering are on the whole volunteers and any funds come out of their own pockets. Jehovah Witnesses accept that different religions see them as a clique or a gathering split away from a religion. They see themselves as a strict gathering restoring the type of Christianity that was framed in the primary century. They are resolved that their lessons get from the Bible itself and no one individual (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, 2013). Jehovah’s Witnesses have added to American culture in a couple various ways, one being through catastrophe help. Their help with debacle alleviation has helped both those of their religion and those not of their religion be that as it may, they deal with those inside their confidence/religion first. Jehovah’s Witnesses additionally assumed a major job in strict opportunities. For instance, kids saluting the banner in the homeroom; Jehovah’s Witnesses carried a case to the Supreme Court expressing that it damaged First Amendment Rights (Burroughs, 2008-2013). Another way that Jehovah’s Witnesses has added to American culture is through the clinical field. Jehovah Witnesses can't acknowledge blood transfusions, so a Pennsylvania emergency clinics discovered approaches to offer bloodless medical procedures and systems to Jehovah’s Witnesses; they have been doing this for more than fifteen years. It is a direct result of this and all the updated and developing innovation that clinics can offer bloodless medical procedures to the general population also (Burroughs, 2008-2013). I have taken in a lot by exploring and assembling data about Jehovah’s Witnesses. I understand that individuals that follow this religion are simply rehearsing what they put stock in and how they see the way that their God needs them to live their lives. I may not concur with a portion of their convictions or practices be that as it may, it isn't my religion and I regard their choices to follow their confidence how they pick. Hispanics and Latinos make up an enormous segment of America today. As indicated by the United States Census Bureau, in the year 2010, sixteen percent of all Americans were of Hispanic or Latino tolerable (Ennis, Rios-Vargas, Albert, 2011), so this race/ethnicity is certainly adding to American culture and lifestyle. Legacy has a similar significance regardless of what your race or ethnicity; legacy alludes to the traditions and conventions that are passed on from age to age. Hispanics and Latinos communicate in a language called Spanish, not all do but rather, greater part realize how to talk, peruse and write in Spanish. Hispanics and Latinos are known for some most great tasting nourishments, this is a piece of their legacy. Their food is known for its hearty flavors and for being fiery. Normal nourishments that Hispanics and Latinos are known for are dishes like; moles (articulated moh-lay), tamales, tortillas and carna asada to give some examples. In contrast to different races or ethnicities, Hispanic and Latinos are known for their intricate festivals. They like to commend significant life occasions, and they do so exquisitely with splendid hues, music and moving. It is regular at Hispanic/Latino festival to see Mariachi’s; these are artists and artists playing Mexican old stories music and having artists in local splendid vivid dresses. It truly is very excellent to see and hear. Different things that Hispanics and Latinos have brought to American culture are things like specialties, for example, earthenware pots or grower and models and furthermore pinatas, a paper mache adornment that hold confections and toys. Hispanics and Latinos have added a such a great amount to American culture with their conventions as well as with their strict convictions. Hispanics and Latinos are strict, larger part share the religion of Catholic. The fundamental festivals of Hispanic religion are: Lent called, Cuaresma; Holy Week called, Semana Santa; Christmas called, La Navidad; Three Kings Day or Los Tres Reyes Magos. A few Americans and different races/ethnicities share and commend these occasions too. Hispanics and Latinos have had a troublesome street with relocation to American. They regularly stumble into challenges as to segregation and bias. Numerous Americans accept that Hispanics and Latinos have removed employments and that they have looked for American government help that ought to be just accessible to American residents. Still today Hispanics and Latinos suffer separation and partiality. Some separate or are preference against them due to their skin shading, the language they talk and on the grounds that they have enormous families. Different reasons they are oppressed them is through business, some vibe it is alright to pay Hispanics or Latinos littler wages; particularly in the event that they are in the nation illicitly, individuals corrupt them and pay them little measures of cash for work/work. Step by step instructions to refer to Religion and Ethnic Diversity, Papers

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Marilyn Monroe Biography Free Essays

What started as a brunette marvel by the name of Norma Jeane Baker conceived in LA, California, before long changed into the blondest, greatest sex image Hollywood still can't seem to encounter. Marilyn Monroe had a place with people in general from the second she ventured onto the screen and the amble, 50’s goddess knew it. In mix with Monroe’s intriguing individual life and appealing sulk and exotic nature, the sensation left an ever-staying sway on Hollywood, still yet to be eclipsed by any sex symbols to come. We will compose a custom exposition test on Marilyn Monroe Biography or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now Immersed Norma Jeane Baker, the prospective celebrity, burned through a large portion of her youth moving through cultivate homes after her mom, Gladys Baker, was initiated and her father’s personality stayed unidentified. This was up until Norma Jeane was taken under the consideration of a family companion, Grace McKee Goddard. Shockingly, after Mr. Goddard was moved toward the east coast, the family couldn't bear to travel 16-year-old Norma Jeane alongside them. At the point when confronted with decision to come back to the shelter or get hitched, Norma wedded her 21-year-old neighbor Jimmy Dougherty. They were marry in 1942 subsequent to dating for a half year earlier. It was going great until 1944 when he was moved toward the South Pacific with the marines. During his nonattendance, Norma Jeane took a vocation on the sequential construction system at Radio Planes Munitions plant where she was found by picture taker David Conover. Conover went over the â€Å"photographer’s dream† as put by David, while taking pictures of ladies adding to the war exertion for Yank magazine. Conover started her profession by sending her displaying employments and inside two years she was a trustworthy model with a lot of spreads surprisingly. In 1946, Norma Jean separated from her significant other Jimmy and marked with Twentieth Century Fox. It was now that she authoritatively changed into the blonde Hollywood angel known as Marilyn Monroe. Two relationships later, one to baseball player Joe DiMaggio and the third and last to writer Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe was discovered dead in her Brentwood, California home on August 5, 1962. Albeit possibly age 36 when she kicked the bucket, Marilyn Monroe was a worldwide sensation in the course of her life and will consistently remain that way. Over Marilyn Monroe’s profession length, the symbol was named and won ountless honors. Among these, Monroe won the Golden Plate at the David di Donatello Awards for her acting in The Prince and the Showgirl, two Henrietta Awards for World Film Favorite-Female and a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture â€Musical/Comedy for Some Like it Hot. She likewise won Most Popular Female Star and a unique honor at the Photoplay Awards and got a movie star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Alongside these lofty honors were her many, numerous designations which she generally approached in. Marilyn started her acting vocation with 1947’s The Shocking Miss Pilgrim yet it was her presentation in the 1953’s Niagara that snatched the public’s eye. She was likewise one of the most captured individuals on the planet and has been recovered in various artistic creations. Huge numbers of the best in visual workmanship has had a shot at Marilyn Monroe. Significantly after her passing, the platinum blonde has been dependent upon exactly 600 books, paper and magazine articles, musicals, an artful dance, plays, a drama and a popular Elton John/Bernie Taupin melody. The entirety of this demonstrates the effect of Marilyn Monroe and exactly how much the open despite everything cherishes her. None can deny the impact Marilyn Monroe had on Hollywood and the open the same. Marilyn Monroe’s impact in Hollywood and on the general population can be seen all over the place. During her lifetime it was exemplified through her various film industry victories and gigantic exposure. Monroe did a lot to make her impact everlasting while the provocative super celebrity despite everything graced the world with her quality. She famously arranged an extreme agreement with her studio including her masterful rights and was the main lady to set up her own creation organization. There was unmistakably more to Ms. Monroe than her enticing sulk. Marilyn propelled her dear companion, Ella Fitzgerald’s vocation when she made an arrangement with the proprietors of a well known club that rejected Ella the chance to perform because of her race. Monroe told the proprietors that if they somehow happened to let Ella perform, Marilyn herself would be at each presentation. Marilyn separated the standards for run of the mill on-screen characters and ladies all in all inside society. â€Å"Marilyn was one of the principal ladies to be excessively sexual and play sweet, gullible and blameless characters simultaneously. as put by Time Magazine. This was just a single hindrance Monroe’s impact wrecked. She was a generally acknowledged and venerated sex image, making the 1950’s society progressively tolerant of sex. This additionally added to the sexual opportunity ladies have today. The Edmonton Journal in Canada expounded on the well known face puncturing titled â€Å"The Monroe† after the world celebrated sex image. As written in the diary, â€Å"It’s a demonstration of Marilyn Monroe’s suffering coolness that the penetrating is named about her, since her genuine mole was to her left side cheek. Some portion of the motivation behind why Monroe’s impact is so solid is because of the way that she came and left. After pretty much every entertainer preceding the 50’s being brunette and vampy or blonde and altogether dreary and honest, Marilyn was a much needed refresher on the film screen. Then again, her takeoff appeared to exhibit â€Å"the marvel and disaster of Hollywood and the amusement business. †(Glatzer,33). By kicking the bucket at such a youthful age, Marilyn Monroe turned into a legend, therefore her holding impact. It tends to be comprehended that the people who are recollected and cherished are â€Å"the appalling saints and courageous women who free their lives in Hollywood. †(Glatzer,33). Among these are Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, James Dean and obviously Marilyn Monroe. â€Å"They didn’t have the chance to bow out effortlessly, they were torn from our middle and society grieves them even more. †(Glatzer,35). Marilyn Monroe was without a doubt the most well known and notorious entertainer of her age. Numerous attractive blondies endeavored to rethink Monroe after her demise yet none had the correct speculative chemistry of â€Å"va-va-voom† and uprightness. In an ongoing review, Marilyn Monroe was positioned seventh in â€Å"The Highest Paid Dead Celebrities† and was the main lady in the best thirteen. In blend with Monroe’s entrancing individual life and appealing erotic nature, the sensation left an ever-staying sway on Hollywood, still yet to be surpassed by any sex symbols to come. Marilyn Monroe will never be overlooked, regardless of whether it’s her shocking life or her unimaginable effect, we as a whole just can’t appear to understand that alluring frown crazy. Step by step instructions to refer to Marilyn Monroe Biography, Papers

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The Double Declining Balance Method of Depreciation

The  Double Declining Balance Method of Depreciation Did you buy a computer or an equipment today? Wonder what if you had to sell it off in a year or two? How much would you get? No matter what you own, it won’t be of the same value tomorrow as it is today.While it’s no secret that depreciation happens, when it comes to taxes, you might be better off selecting one method over the other when it comes to calculating the depreciation value. And that’s what this article will be all  about.Before we start with the whole Double Declining Balance Method  though, let’s look into what depreciation is all about. If you are new to the term,  here is what you need to know;  Depreciation  is the reduction of a fixed asset’s registered cost using specific  methods  until the value of the asset falls extremely  low.When we say ‘fixed assets,’  we mean buildings, office equipment, furniture,  machinery and more. However,  although  the  land  is also an asset, we do not include it in the list because it is an asset that  cannot  be depre ciated. The value of an asset such as land  appreciates  over  time  unless there are other environmental reasons for devaluation.Here is a video that talks about it in detail. TYPES OF DEPRECIATIONTo determine  the value of an asset, you have different  types of depreciation  methods and formulas. Few common  ones are as below:Straight-Line Depreciation Method  â€" This is considered one of the simplest methods of all. In this  method,  you will make  the  simple  allocation of the depreciation  rate  every year during the useful life of an asset. Formula: Annual Depreciation Expense = (Cost of Asset/Remaining Value)/Useful life of the asset.Unit of Production Method  â€" This method is used to depreciate the asset based on the number of hours the asset  is  used, or the total production of units during  its  useful life. You may say  that  the unit of production method calculates the output proficiency of the asset in question, instead of considering the number of years used. Form ula:  Per Unit Depreciation = (Cost of Asset â€" Remaining Value)/Units produced during  its functioning  lifeDouble Declining Method  â€" Double declining method is an accelerated depreciation method.  In this method,  companies take maximum depreciation charges in the initial years of useful life of the asset to lower profits in the income statements, instead of the later years when the asset loses its value. The lowering of profits in the initial years  enables lower income taxes during that time. Formula:  Depreciation = 2 X Straight Line Depreciation % X  Book Value*  (beginning of the accounting period)Sum of the Years’ Digits Depreciation Method  â€" Quite close to the declining balance depreciation method, this method also results in accelerated depreciation during the  useful early  life of an asset. For assets that can produce more in the initial years but slows down in the future,  this method  is more useful  compared to the  straight line  depreciation. Formula:  Depr eciation for the Year = (Cost of Asset â€" Salvage Value) X Factor (every year)*Book Value  â€" An asset’s book value is its worth at a given point in time. It is equal to the asset’s cost basis, minus the accumulated depreciation amount.The formula to evaluate an asset’s book value:  Book  Value = Asset’s cost basis â€" Accumulated depreciationThe benefit and reasons  for  each method  are  different, and using the right one that suits your business depends on the type of asset you have. While the  straight line depreciation method sounds the most convenient to use with streamlined accounting calculations, the declining  balance method provides you a precise accounting of the asset’s value.In a nutshell, depending on the nature of the assets and your company’s choice, you can pick one best-suited  depreciation method.PARTIAL YEAR DEPRECIATIONThe purchase of an asset might not always happen  at  the beginning of the accounting year. Sometimes, you might have to purchase some assets in the middle of a fiscal year as well,  and  this complicates the calculation a bit.However, depending on what accounting methods you apply, depreciation on  these sort of assets  can be treated differently. One of the methods would be partial year depreciation, in which the depreciation is evaluated exactly when the asset is in use and the convention in which the depreciation falls.First,  you will need to determine the asset’s depreciation. Check  if it  was used  for the entire fiscal year. By using the asset’s existing  depreciation schedule, you can determine the depreciation of the asset.Further, to extract the amount of the asset’s monthly depreciation, divide the total anticipated depreciation for the year by 12. Multiply this amount by the  number  of  months of the fiscal that the asset  was owned. The result will  provide you with a total amount of depreciation for  a  partial  year.Note: Each asset you purchase will  be depreciated  differently. You wi ll need to be mindful of which method you are using to depreciate an asset before you start your evaluation.WHY SHOULD BUSINESSES RECORD DEPECIATION?So,  now that we know what depreciation is, and different kinds of methods of determining the value of assets are, here is why businesses should record depreciation.  Understanding  accounting concepts  will help your business do more.As explained above, the purpose of depreciation is to match the revenue generated by an asset for the business,  with the cost of the  fixed asset during  its  useful life. Further, the cost of the asset is moved to the income statement from the  balance sheet during that time.What if we don’t use depreciation in accounting?  In such  circumstances, we will be required to charge whatever assets we buy, immediately after.The drawback of not using depreciation in accounting also leads to  an  overstatement  of assets and net income  in the balance sheet and income statement respectively.  Other repercussio ns are that  the cost  of the fixed asset  isn’t considered  while setting the sales prices, and since the established prices  won’t  be high enough, the cost of the fixed asset may not  be covered  as a result.WHAT IS A DOUBLE DECLINING BALANCE METHOD?The double declining balance depreciation method  is used  for accounting the expense of a long-term asset. This method is an enhanced form of depreciation that  is recognized  during the initial few years of the fixed assets’ useful life. Some companies use this method to carry forward the taxes to future years, which is known as double declining balance depreciation.This method also takes the depreciation charges in these initial years and lowers profits on  the  income  statement, instead of considering those later. Reason being, most of the assets loses its value after some time.HOW DOES DOUBLE DECLINING DEPRECIATION WORK?As per the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), public companies record expenses in the same period as  the  revenue  generated from those expenses. For example, if a public company has bought an expensive asset and will be using it for several years, the  entire asset expense is not deducted in the year of  its  purchase. The deduction  is divided  into many years.This  is beneficial for assets that  lose  its value over a period, because though the depreciation expense of the asset might be larger in  its  initial life,  but  it will become smaller later.For  example, let’s assume you buy a machine for $50,000. You’ll expect it to run for  ten  years, and estimate a salvage value of $5,000. Under the  straight-line  depreciation method, your company will deduct $4,500 for  ten  years ($50,000 $5,000/10). With the double declining balance method, the deduction will be 20% of $50,000 ($10,000) in the first year, 20% of $40,000 ($8,000) in the second and so on.HOW TO CALCULATE DEPRECIATION UNDER THE DOUBLE DECLINING METHOD?Being an  entrepreneur  comes with its risks.  To be able to apply the double declining depreciation formula, you are required to know the asset’s useful life and price first.By dividing 100% by the asset’s useful life (in no. years) you get the asset’s  straight-line  depreciation rate. Further, by multiplying that rate by  two,  you’ll get you  double declining depreciation rate. With this  method,  you’ll see that the depreciation will continue until  the asset’s  salvage value.The salvage  value  of an asset is the resale  value  that you can estimate by the end of the asset’s useful life.  To  calculate the  cost of an asset that will depreciate, you can take the cost of the fixed asset and then minus the salvage value.To summarize we may look at the below pointers:During the time of purchase of an asset, you’ll need to determine the original costDetermine the asset’s salvage value (the selling value of the asset once  it’s  useful life is over)Determine the asset’s useful lifeEvaluate the asset’s d epreciation rate (1/useful life)To  find out the depreciation expense,  and then  multiply  the  book value of the period by twice the depreciation rateDeduct this from the beginning value for the ending period valueRepeat these steps to reach the salvage valueFor example: If you have an  asset that values $50,000, you’ll  estimate the salvage value to be around $5,000 in five years, by the time you are ready to sell it. That would mean, you will depreciate $45,000 over these many years. You will sell the asset for $5,000, and remove the asset from your accounting reports.Here are two formulas to calculate straight line and double declining depreciation rates:Straight line depreciation rate = depreciation expense/depreciable baseDouble declining depreciation rate = straight line depreciation rate X 2WHY WOULD A COMPANY USE DOUBLE-DECLINING DEPRECIATION ON ITS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS?You need to take a look at the  economics basics  to understand and answer the question.  Using double declining balance depreciation on the financial statements allows a  constant  blend of both depreciation expense and maintenance and  repairs expense, during the asset’s useful life.During the useful life of an asset, the repairs and maintenance expense  is  generally low therefore the depreciation expense is high. As time passes, the repairs and maintenance expense will rise, leading to lowered depreciation expense.In such  cases,  the company  reports  lower net income during the useful life of the asset, which is pretty early and is mostly not deemed acceptable.ADJUSTING DEPRECIATION CHARGES ON BALANCE SHEET, INCOME STATEMENT AND CASH FLOW STATEMENTTo understand how to adjust the depreciation charges on your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, let us take an example of a machine that you purchased for a vital purpose in your company:If the cost of the machine is $50,000; the cash and equivalents will be reduced to that amount and will  be moved  to proper ty, plant and equipment section in the balance sheet.  Right then, an outflow of the $50,000 will be visible in the cash flow statement as well.Now, $12,500 is going to  be charged  to the income statement as depreciation expense for the first year, $10,000 in the second and this will continue for 3 4 years more. Though you’ll have already paid for the machinery in full during the time of purchase, however, the expense will be distributed over  time.With every passing year, the depreciation expense will be added to property, plant and equipment section, to reduce any  value  of the asset (this is also known as accumulated depreciation). As per the above example, after the first year, the accumulated depreciation will be $12,500, $10,000 in the second and so on.Once the machine’s  useful life is over, the carrying value of the asset will be very less. You might as well sell the machine, and whether profit or loss, this salvage value of the machine will be hence recorded in the i ncome statement. The amount received on selling the machine is the cash inflow in the cash flow statement, and this will  be registered  in the cash and equivalent section in the balance sheetRECORDING DOUBLE DECLINING BALANCE DEPRECIATION FOR ACCOUNTINGRecording your depreciation every month will keep your financial statements updated. As and when you  register  the depreciation of an asset, the depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation along with  the  net  value of your fixed assets will show in the profit loss statement and your balance sheet respectively. You will be required to record these expenses in a journal entry.To prove that  you own the fixed assets, you’ll need to own enough documentation, like title documentation or contracts, purchase receipts, and others as  proof.  Along with that, to track each asset, you will also need to create a  depreciation schedule.You might need to focus on  this especially if the amount of depreciation you log in the accounting , varies from the one  that  is logged  for tax purpose.What is a Depreciation  Schedule?A depreciation schedule breaks down a firm’s  long-term  asset’s depreciation.  This  is a calculation of the depreciation expense for the assets you purchased and then distributes the cost over the useful life of those  assets.  These schedules are not just for computing the expense but also to track the starting and ending  accumulated depreciation.This  schedule  allows a firm to track its  long-term  assets and analyze the depreciation over time.  You may conclude saying that it’s a description of the assets you purchase, it’s purchase date, cost, it’s useful life and its salvage value.Also, the depreciation schedule provides information on the method of depreciation, the current year’s depreciation,  accumulative depreciation  from the purchase date till today and the net book value of the asset.What is an Accumulated Depreciation?  â€"  Accumulated  depreciation  is  a fixed as set’s total depreciation, that  is charged  to expense from the time it was purchased and  was used. An accumulated depreciation account is a credit balance asset account; which means it will show on the balance sheet as a reduction from the fixed asset’s gross amount.The  accumulated depreciation amount  increases over time, as the depreciation  is charged  against the fixed assets. The actual cost of the asset is the gross cost, whereas the actual cost of the asset minus the accumulated depreciation amount (and any damage) is the asset’s net cost (carrying amount).When the asset is off  its  useful life, and you are planning to sell it, the accumulated depreciation amount is reversed, along with the actual cost of the asset.  This  eliminates all the record of the asset from the balance sheet of your company.ADVANTAGES OF USING THE DOUBLE DECLINING BALANCE METHOD IN ACCOUNTINGWe have constantly  reiterated on double declining balance  method  and also compared it to the  str aight line  depreciation method. So, below are  a  few  points,  to  sum up why it’s advantageous to use the double declining balance method in accounting.Double Declining Balance  â€" This method uses the depreciation rate to double the  straight line  depreciation rate. Let us give you an example  of  that. If the  straight  line  depreciation rate for a 5years asset is 10% each year, using the double declining balance method, the depreciation rate  is doubled  to 20%. Further, the distributed depreciation expense  is extracted  by using the depreciation rate to multiply the depreciation base.Matching Asset Value  â€" When you purchase an asset, you can rest assured that the asset will provide you with optimal usability, at least during the initial years.  For example, any technically sophisticated device may go outdated as and when  new products launch. The device  might not support the latest requirement,  and  this could happen within  a  few  years.  Since the device was  la test during the time of purchase, it  will provide  you  with  optimal usage in the initial years.Depreciation expense is meant to be a fixed asset’s cost  distribution  so that the actual benefit of the asset’s usage  is reflected  in  the same period.Maximizing Tax Deduction  â€"  As we keep mentioning,  the initial years of an asset’s usage adds more value to a  company  and generates  better profits and revenue compared to later years.  When this depreciation expense  is evenly distributed,  it might not help a company when  it  is used  for tax deduction.  In that case, companies need to apply the double declining balance method that gives higher depreciation expenses distributed in the initial years, to balance higher profits and revenues during the same period.Balancing Maintenance Costs  â€" The value of every asset drops with passing years and will require plenty of quality maintenance to keep it up-and-running for a long time. These costs may  be deducted  from the c ompany’s profits. In  these type of scenarios,  companies opt to distribute minimal depreciation expenses for the later years, to avoid adding more cost deductions to reduce profits.The double declining balance method distributes these depreciation expenses in  a  declining  method for the later years to balance the increased maintenance expenses,  with  the  least  depreciation expenses in the same period.Although  double  declining balance  isn’t  used  for tax purposes, a lot of companies apply this method for their internal accounting. Depreciation helps your accounts if you are planning on purchasing expensive assets.This  method  represents the value of electronics and cars precisely compared to other methods.  It’s because  vehicles, devices, furniture and  some  other types of  machinery  lose  value pretty quickly.DISADVANTAGES OF USING THE DOUBLE DECLINING BALANCE METHOD IN ACCOUNTINGNow that we learned about the advantages, below are  a  few  disadvantages as well t o consider before we move further. The double declining balance  method  also has few drawbacks over the straight-line depreciation method:Compared to the simple  straight line  depreciation method,  the  double  declining balance method is a little complicated.Since  the  majority  of your company’s assets will last more and will be used constantly during their useful life, depreciating the value at  an  accelerated  rate isn’t sensible. Also, it might not show the use of the assets precisely.Your company will not be as profitable later as in the early years. Therefore, it won’t be easy to gauge the  operating  profit of the company.ASSET ASSUMPTIONWhen we talk about  the term ‘depreciation,’  its  understood that it is a method that reduces a fixed asset’s registered cost until the value of the asset falls extremely low. If you purchased  a truck for delivery of your goods from one place to another,  look at how you will be using the truck to sell the goods.You can  as sume  the expense to charge  on  both the truck’s worth by the end of  its  useful life and its lifetime. These assumptions will affect the book value of the asset as well as the net income, and will also influence the earning of the asset after selling (if you would), for profit or loss compared to the  book  value.

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The Father Of Symphony, And The Brother Of The String Quartet

Franz Joseph Haydn is known today as the â€Å"Father of Symphony† and the â€Å"Father of the String Quartet.† He was not given these titles arbitrarily as his compositions influenced many later prominent artists. Haydn’s life consistently evolved around music. He did not have a primary focus being that he was a singer, instrumentalist, and a composer for periods in his lifetime. Haydn’s musical style saw many new changes and developments, and adapted to his needs, desires, and emotions and outside forces. Mathias Haydn and Maria Koller Haydn gave birth to their second child, Joseph Haydn, on March 31, 1732. Mathias Haydn worked as a wheelwright and served as a Marktrichter in a small village in Austria called Rohrau. A Marktricher has status similar to one of a village mayor. His wife, Maria Koller Haydn was an under-cook in the palace of a local noble. Mathias loved music and would often sing to his children (Dies 6). As Joseph Haydn grew older, he developed an impressive singing voice and pretended to accompany concerts with an imaginary violin. A schoolmaster in the neighboring town of Hainburg noticed young Haydn’s talent and offered the parents a deal. He would give Joseph proper musical training, however, Joseph would have to leave home. Therefore, at the age of six, Joseph Haydn left home to study music with Johann Matthias Frankh. Haydn later recalled that training under Frankh was difficult for him. His clothes were often filthy and he was underfed (Dies 19-23). This l edShow MoreRelated Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay769 Words   |  4 Pagesbreakthroughs in composition came in his instrumental work, including his symphonies. Unlike his predecessor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for whom writing music seemed to come easily, Beethoven always struggled to perfect his work. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, and was baptized on Dec. 17, 1770. (There is no record of his birth date.) His father and grandfather worked as court musicians in Bonn. Ludwigs father, a singer, gave him his early musical training. Although he hadRead MoreThe Chopin s Music And His Influence On His Music1488 Words   |  6 Pageswhat Beethoven could have done with the judgments of other minds of his music. He always knew what he wanted, nothing could stop him from doing what he truly adores and nothing could possibly get into his way either. No Composer, Symphonist, and Quartet-writer could or shall be compared against the wonderful Beethoven himself. Ludwig van Beethoven was the birth name that his family places upon him since baptism. â€Å"English parish registers as a general rule record baptisms rather than births† (FamilyRead MoreBeethovens Life Outline1208 Words   |  5 Pages1. Intro: Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was an innovator, widening the scope of sonata, symphony, concerto, and quartet, and combining vocals and instruments in a new way. His personal life was marked by a struggle against deafness, and some of his most important works were composed during the last 10 years of his life, when he was quite unable to hear. He is an crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music, a pianist, a composer who remains one ofRead MoreThe Classical Era And The Age Of Enlightenment1123 Words   |  5 Pagesyounger brother one born in 1774 and the other in 1776, their names where Casper the middle child and Johann the youngest child. He also had a mother and father the mother was named Maria Magdalena Van Beethoven. Maria was a slender, genteel and deeply moralistic woman. Beethoven’s father’s name was Johann Van Beethoven. Johann was a mediocre court singer, but was better known for his alcoholism then any ability to do music. Ludwig had one person he showed pride for and that was his God father/ grandfather/Read MoreLuigi Rodolfo Boccherini : An Italian Composer1503 Words   |  7 Pagesthe development of the string quartet as a music genre. Boccherini was the first composer to write music for a quintet of string, a quintet of strings and a piano and has also composed approximately 500 musical works, which include symphonies, concerti, and sacred music. Boccherini wrote in a polyphonic style that was inspired by works of Giovanni da Palestrina and Arcangelo Corelli. Luigi Rodolfo s father, Leopoldo Boccherini, was a double-bass player, and his brother Giovanni Gastoni BoccheriniRead MoreBeethoven: the Greatest Composer of All Time.1267 Words   |  6 Pageswestern world. Beethoven is remembered for his powerful and stormy compositions, and for continuing to compose and conduct even after he began to go deaf at age 28. The ominous four-note beginning to his Fifth Symphony is one of the most famous moments in all of music. He wrote nine numbered symphonies in all. Beethoven never married. After his death his friends found letters to a lover he called Immortal Beloved, whose identity has never been discovered. The English phrase Immortal Beloved is a translationRead MoreFranz Schubert Essay1119 Words   |  5 Pagesmust for me. Franz Peter Schubert was bone in Vienna, on January 31, 1797 to his father, Franz Theodor Schubert and his mother, Elisabeth Vietz. Because Schubert father was a schoolmaster, he began receiving lessons from his father at an early age, as early as age five. A year later Schubert was enrolled in his farther school and taking lessons not only from his farther but also piano lessons from his brother Ignaz. Schubert was very talented and gifted, there were times when his instructor wouldRead MoreLudwig Van Beethoven: A Biography1318 Words   |  5 Pageslived to adulthood. Beethovens family was a musical one. His father Johann van Beethoven was court singer, though Johann was crippled by alcoholism that may have negatively impacted his abilities as a singer. However, Beethovens grandfather, godfather and namesake, Kapellmeister Ludwig van Beethoven, was Bonns most prosperous and eminent musician, a source of endless pride for young Ludwig (AE Networks, p.1). While Beethovens father may not have lived up to his own musical potential, he was cruellyRead MoreThe Austrian Composer : Franz Of The Formal And Structural Principles Of Classical Style1259 Words   |  6 Pagesstructural principles of classical style. His work included hundreds of symphonies, string quartets, and instrumental sonatas. Haydn was an innovator and many composers after him, modeled his style. FOUNDATIONS On March 31, 1732, Franz Joseph Haydn was born in the charming village of Rohrau, Lower Austria which is on the Hungarian border. Joseph, called Sepperl by his German parents, was born a peasant boy. Haydn’s father helped the village head to build and repair wooden wheels. His mother workedRead MoreFranz Joseph Haydn : The Founder And Developer Of The Formal And Structural Principles Of Classical Style1268 Words   |  6 Pagesstructural principles of classical style. His work included hundreds of symphonies, string quartets, and instrumental sonatas. Haydn’s innovation and style created a model for many composers after him. FOUNDATIONS On March 31, 1732, Franz Joseph Haydn was born in the charming village of Rohrau, Lower Austria which is on the Hungarian border. Joseph, called Sepperl by his German parents, was born a peasant boy. Haydn’s father helped the village head to build and repair wooden wheels. His mother worked

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Google Analytics An Analytical Tool - 800 Words

Google Analytics is a product or an analytical tool which helps marketers design strategy as per the response of the customers. As use to happen some years earlier, a marketer would design a strategy, implement it at the market place and then conduct surveys or customer feedbacks after a significant period has passed to know the effect of his strategy or whether he needs to bring changes. By the time the marketer implements a new strategy the market dynamics and needs of the customers have already changed and hence there is always a lag between the customer demands and the strategy response to that demand. The purpose of this study is to understand how Google Analytics as an analytical tool helps marketers react immediately to customer demands and interests. For this, we can consider the example of Slickdeals which is an e-commerce website selling products online. Slickdeals guarantee its customers best deals, coupons, sales on a wide variety of products. It needs to customize its website based on various occasions, festivals and the region wise bestselling products on various e-commerce websites. This requires modifying the website almost every week or even less than a week. Google analytics can help Slickdeals in increasing their target sales specific to region by using various features of the tool. Goals of using Google Analytics and the feature used to achieve it can be: 1. To find out relevant and meaningful data coming from various regions- the first step in anyShow MoreRelatedWeb Analysis : Google Analytics791 Words   |  4 Pagesuses analytical tools to analyze their business and their web site based on the metrics derived from the analytic tools. There will be lot of data which is obtained from the analytic tools which most of the time the web site developers don’t make right insights with the data obtained from the analytic tools. 80% of the web based business does not use their analytics data; they don’t even track important factors like conversion rates and purchases. Google Analytics: It is an analytical administrationRead MoreAnalysis : Web Analytics 2.0 : The Art Of Online Accountability And Science Of Customer Centricity1223 Words   |  5 Pagestoday, whether small or large; to be linked to analytics and have a thorough understanding of converting the analytics into actionable insights in order to have a competitive advantage over others. Analytics is an important component of successful modern online businesses or the businesses with a website. According to the book ‘Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity’ by Avinash Kaushik â€Å"Web Analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitativeRead MorePicking The Perfect Analytical Tool For Our Business771 Words   |  4 PagesPicking the perfect analytical tool for our business can be a difficult task, tedious and expensive business. We can even go for free administrations, for example, Google Analytics. The issue is r egularly that regarding the matter of value or administrations, there isn t much in the method for a centre ground between the free administrations and the administrations that can cost you a large number of dollars. Many companies are complaining that there is huge amount of data and we don’t have enoughRead MoreWeb Analytics 2. 0 Essay779 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopment of web analytics was rather faltering in the era of Web Analytics 1.0, where a massive amount of data was collected from the web and decisions can barely be made over them. Yes, larger data tends to render a larger picture of descriptive information of the event, but it does not tell a whole story. In such conditions, what most companies normally find that there is a gap or a disconnection between customer behavior and strategies for the business. â€Å"Web Analytics 2.0 is: the analysisRead MoreWeb Analytics, The Measurement, Collection, Analysis And Reporting Of Web1065 Words   |  5 PagesWeb analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. However, Web analytics is not just a process for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of the business. Web analytics is characterized as a sway s examination of a site on its clients. E-trade organizations and other site distributers regularly utilize web investigation programmingRead MoreThe 10 / 90 Regime837 Words   |  4 Pages The 10/90 rule was developed by the Kaushik to help address the problem of having too much data and not enough insights. The 10/90 rule states that for every 10 dollars a company invests in analytics tools, they should invest another 90 dollars on people to analyze the data. His message is clear- information and insights are the end goal for creating value and a company can only get there by spending its resources on people more than machines. Companies need the insights and information and currentlyRead MoreThe Benefits Of Web Analytics1285 Words   |  6 PagesAvinash Kaushik’s 10/90 rule states that for every $10 you spend on a web analytics tool, you should be spending $90 on the people to analyze the numbers i.e. a company spending $50k on any paid solution, such as Adobe (Omniture) and Coremetrics, should be spending $450k on a team of web analysts to analyze and gain valuable insights, considering that a web analyst’s typical daily/weekly role is split into the following categories: (Younus, 2011) Often, companies either are not aware of or forgetRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Gopro Sells Products Direct From Their Website Online And Retail Locations1440 Words   |  6 Pagestrack them with analytical tools and RFID chips. 9.4 Marketing Technology. Throughout the marketing GoPro will leverage the latest in technologies to track and monitor the sales and marketing outreach. Google (the owner of YouTube) offers a free analytical tool for advertisers. Google Analytics will be implemented with all interned media campaigns. A HTML token is placed within each webpage, which helps analyze visitor traffic and paint the complete picture of their needs (Google, 2015). TheRead MoreImpact Of Big Data On Businesses1298 Words   |  6 Pagesopportunities for themselves. By using big data analytics, companies take timely decisions and provide customized solution in every field. Major challenge faced by big data in any of the above fields is the privacy of data. Law is in its nascent stage when it comes to online data privacy. Industry giants like Google, Facebook tap into this opportunity before the law gets stringent, for commercial success to target advertise. Privacy could be a powerful marketing tool for upcoming products services. The daysRead MoreNetwork And Web Analytics At Google Analytics1774 Words   |  8 Pages Analytic Tool: Clicky Asia Pressley April 2, 2016 ISM4420100_2016S_30026 (Social Media and Web Analytics [Spring 2016]) Developed by Roxr Software, Clicky is the best thing invited since Google Analytics. Some even think its better the the Google Analytics. This tool is free to analyze one website and that has less then 3000 daily page views (upgrade to more sites and premium features). Clicky, known for its simple interface, has an array of features that beat

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Events of WWII Meless Free Essays

On the morning of August 19, 1942 -? a convoy Of 237 ships reached Dipped and the German ships opened fire and woke the German soldiers. When the troops reached land the Germans were ready with a crossfire of bullets and artillery shells. 901 Canadians were killed, 2000 were captured, and only 221 1 soldiers made it back to England. We will write a custom essay sample on Events of WWII Meless or any similar topic only for you Order Now Who German troops, Allied Troops (US, Britain, Canada and Russia) Why – British commanders who planned the raid had little or no experience. The sea battle took away the surprise attack, and the German troops were ready and waiting y the time the allied troops reached land. Relevance -? Learning experience for the Allied commanders, Allies learned that the Nazi’s were well -prepped for future attacks on the French occupied coast and that any future attacks would have to be massive and well-organized. The failure of Dipped will help the planning of successful D-day. D-Day When – June 6, 1944 Where – Normandy France (Operation Overlord) Who – Germans, Americans, British and Canadians and American General Dwight D. Eisenhower What – Fought German troops, landing place had been pet secret and the Germans did not expect the attack. Invading troops had the massive support and protection. Landing was successful and within one month, more than one million allied Troops Were steadily pushing German armies out of France. Germans faced ;o major fronts and the Allied demanded Germany’s unconditional surrender. In the end, Hitler shot himself and Mussolini and his wife ended up getting caught by the Italians underground resistance fighters and were later killed. Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself and finally the Europeans celebrated. This lead to V-E day (Victory in Europe Day) Relevance – Highly successful and well- planning battle, Germans were bombed and had to surrender – Ultimately this began the end for the European front of the War, leading to V-E day. Japan continues the Fight (A-bomb) Where – Pacific (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan) What -? Americans continued to fight the Japanese (who had never surrender policy, Kamikaze fighter pilots). Eventually, the Americans detonated the American bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima When – August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima and soon after in Nagasaki. Japan officially surrendered on August 14, 1945. Who – President Truman (USA), The US Military, Japan and Japanese Civilians (90 000 people died from the a-bomb in Hiroshima) Why – Americans wanted to shorten the war as it was still going on despite the German defeat. By dropping the A-bombs, Americans the first to use nuclear weapons in a war. Relevance -? Use of A-bombs helped the Americans defeat the Asian but at a high civilian cost. Ended WI. Revolutionized modern warfare and it was the foundation of Cubism (fear of nuclear weapons in General). How to cite Events of WWII Meless, Papers

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Anthropology Defined Essay Example For Students

Anthropology Defined Essay 1. Articulate what you have learned this semester about dispelling the myth of Man the Hunter and Woman the Gatherer, which flourished under the patriarchal influence in archaeology of the early to mid twentieth century. Give a few examples of ways that women contributed in prehistoric societies or contribute in modern tribal societies which were largely overlooked by archaeologists in the past. Your Answer:According to our main source of Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective the book along with lecture gave us many examples of barriers and preconditioned notions of mans work or womans work and how these barriers and outlines have been broken and rewritten over the course of time and throughout the years. Women have been proven to have made tools as well as keep a home and family together. We saw examples of women who also did meat and animal gathering for the family. It was not solely left up to the man and his troops. It has also been founded that much of the art work and record kee ping was not men but done by women. Women today are in charge of family and providing. They are in charge of food providing as well as keeping the house together. Women in todays tribes are the center of their sole existence. In present day women are contributing and active more than ever. The only difference now from then is that they are archeologically as well as locally recognized as having more to do with the whole scheme of family and provision than that of before. It is more known and accepted decisions and traditions. They not only keep the ways of their tribes but they also have enabled and provided their families to be more well rounded leaving both genders to participate in all necessary activities. The lines have seemed to diminish and a more well oiled machine of family and providing has taken place. ;#65532;2. In your opinion and based on what you learned this semester, what are the three (3) most important global issues facing women today? (500 word essay with supporting information for your choices). Your Answer:In their lives too many women are abuse for such petty reasons and in all sorts of abuse, Sexual division of labor and gender expectations and a unheard and still disrespected voic e. Abuse of all sorts is a common and to overly populated problematic. Whether it be domestic or under the guise of religious practice, abuse to women and females of all ages wide spread. There are no boundaries to the horrible forms of acts. Abuse domestically is so profound and I personally find it insane that it does not have a certain grouping. All and any are subject to this abuse, no matter race, color, creed, social status, or religion. Women themselves are targets for all sorts of men that feel they are in charge or should be the final say so. Abuse does not have to be physical, it can be emotional, mental and sexually. There seems to be no real outline to that of who are abused or why. It is usually a crime of disrespect and generated by a need for power of one human over another. Globally as well as locally sexual divisions of labor are still in place even in this year of 2005. How sad that women is still not recognized for her talents and gifts to offer but even when util ized for these very ideas she is still not compensated in a same and fair manner as that of a man. Women are still seen as a common little housemaid that is a fetch and tote put here for that to the use of men. All over the world women are not regarded or deemed as important figures in society and or useful to all around them. Even here in the U.S. women are not given the same resulting jobs or status in jobs or socially unless she fights and claws her way to the top, then she is deemed a B or some other fabulous name for working her rear off. Sad. Even when a women is given a equal position she is still regarded as a girl and not an