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The Father Of Symphony, And The Brother Of The String Quartet

Franz Joseph Haydn is known today as the â€Å"Father of Symphony† and the â€Å"Father of the String Quartet.† He was not given these titles arbitrarily as his compositions influenced many later prominent artists. Haydn’s life consistently evolved around music. He did not have a primary focus being that he was a singer, instrumentalist, and a composer for periods in his lifetime. Haydn’s musical style saw many new changes and developments, and adapted to his needs, desires, and emotions and outside forces. Mathias Haydn and Maria Koller Haydn gave birth to their second child, Joseph Haydn, on March 31, 1732. Mathias Haydn worked as a wheelwright and served as a Marktrichter in a small village in Austria called Rohrau. A Marktricher has status similar to one of a village mayor. His wife, Maria Koller Haydn was an under-cook in the palace of a local noble. Mathias loved music and would often sing to his children (Dies 6). As Joseph Haydn grew older, he developed an impressive singing voice and pretended to accompany concerts with an imaginary violin. A schoolmaster in the neighboring town of Hainburg noticed young Haydn’s talent and offered the parents a deal. He would give Joseph proper musical training, however, Joseph would have to leave home. Therefore, at the age of six, Joseph Haydn left home to study music with Johann Matthias Frankh. Haydn later recalled that training under Frankh was difficult for him. His clothes were often filthy and he was underfed (Dies 19-23). This l edShow MoreRelated Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay769 Words   |  4 Pagesbreakthroughs in composition came in his instrumental work, including his symphonies. Unlike his predecessor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for whom writing music seemed to come easily, Beethoven always struggled to perfect his work. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, and was baptized on Dec. 17, 1770. (There is no record of his birth date.) His father and grandfather worked as court musicians in Bonn. Ludwigs father, a singer, gave him his early musical training. Although he hadRead MoreThe Chopin s Music And His Influence On His Music1488 Words   |  6 Pageswhat Beethoven could have done with the judgments of other minds of his music. He always knew what he wanted, nothing could stop him from doing what he truly adores and nothing could possibly get into his way either. No Composer, Symphonist, and Quartet-writer could or shall be compared against the wonderful Beethoven himself. Ludwig van Beethoven was the birth name that his family places upon him since baptism. â€Å"English parish registers as a general rule record baptisms rather than births† (FamilyRead MoreBeethovens Life Outline1208 Words   |  5 Pages1. Intro: Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was an innovator, widening the scope of sonata, symphony, concerto, and quartet, and combining vocals and instruments in a new way. His personal life was marked by a struggle against deafness, and some of his most important works were composed during the last 10 years of his life, when he was quite unable to hear. He is an crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music, a pianist, a composer who remains one ofRead MoreThe Classical Era And The Age Of Enlightenment1123 Words   |  5 Pagesyounger brother one born in 1774 and the other in 1776, their names where Casper the middle child and Johann the youngest child. He also had a mother and father the mother was named Maria Magdalena Van Beethoven. Maria was a slender, genteel and deeply moralistic woman. Beethoven’s father’s name was Johann Van Beethoven. Johann was a mediocre court singer, but was better known for his alcoholism then any ability to do music. Ludwig had one person he showed pride for and that was his God father/ grandfather/Read MoreLuigi Rodolfo Boccherini : An Italian Composer1503 Words   |  7 Pagesthe development of the string quartet as a music genre. Boccherini was the first composer to write music for a quintet of string, a quintet of strings and a piano and has also composed approximately 500 musical works, which include symphonies, concerti, and sacred music. Boccherini wrote in a polyphonic style that was inspired by works of Giovanni da Palestrina and Arcangelo Corelli. Luigi Rodolfo s father, Leopoldo Boccherini, was a double-bass player, and his brother Giovanni Gastoni BoccheriniRead MoreBeethoven: the Greatest Composer of All Time.1267 Words   |  6 Pageswestern world. Beethoven is remembered for his powerful and stormy compositions, and for continuing to compose and conduct even after he began to go deaf at age 28. The ominous four-note beginning to his Fifth Symphony is one of the most famous moments in all of music. He wrote nine numbered symphonies in all. Beethoven never married. After his death his friends found letters to a lover he called Immortal Beloved, whose identity has never been discovered. The English phrase Immortal Beloved is a translationRead MoreFranz Schubert Essay1119 Words   |  5 Pagesmust for me. Franz Peter Schubert was bone in Vienna, on January 31, 1797 to his father, Franz Theodor Schubert and his mother, Elisabeth Vietz. Because Schubert father was a schoolmaster, he began receiving lessons from his father at an early age, as early as age five. A year later Schubert was enrolled in his farther school and taking lessons not only from his farther but also piano lessons from his brother Ignaz. Schubert was very talented and gifted, there were times when his instructor wouldRead MoreLudwig Van Beethoven: A Biography1318 Words   |  5 Pageslived to adulthood. Beethovens family was a musical one. His father Johann van Beethoven was court singer, though Johann was crippled by alcoholism that may have negatively impacted his abilities as a singer. However, Beethovens grandfather, godfather and namesake, Kapellmeister Ludwig van Beethoven, was Bonns most prosperous and eminent musician, a source of endless pride for young Ludwig (AE Networks, p.1). While Beethovens father may not have lived up to his own musical potential, he was cruellyRead MoreThe Austrian Composer : Franz Of The Formal And Structural Principles Of Classical Style1259 Words   |  6 Pagesstructural principles of classical style. His work included hundreds of symphonies, string quartets, and instrumental sonatas. Haydn was an innovator and many composers after him, modeled his style. FOUNDATIONS On March 31, 1732, Franz Joseph Haydn was born in the charming village of Rohrau, Lower Austria which is on the Hungarian border. Joseph, called Sepperl by his German parents, was born a peasant boy. Haydn’s father helped the village head to build and repair wooden wheels. His mother workedRead MoreFranz Joseph Haydn : The Founder And Developer Of The Formal And Structural Principles Of Classical Style1268 Words   |  6 Pagesstructural principles of classical style. His work included hundreds of symphonies, string quartets, and instrumental sonatas. Haydn’s innovation and style created a model for many composers after him. FOUNDATIONS On March 31, 1732, Franz Joseph Haydn was born in the charming village of Rohrau, Lower Austria which is on the Hungarian border. Joseph, called Sepperl by his German parents, was born a peasant boy. Haydn’s father helped the village head to build and repair wooden wheels. His mother worked

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Google Analytics An Analytical Tool - 800 Words

Google Analytics is a product or an analytical tool which helps marketers design strategy as per the response of the customers. As use to happen some years earlier, a marketer would design a strategy, implement it at the market place and then conduct surveys or customer feedbacks after a significant period has passed to know the effect of his strategy or whether he needs to bring changes. By the time the marketer implements a new strategy the market dynamics and needs of the customers have already changed and hence there is always a lag between the customer demands and the strategy response to that demand. The purpose of this study is to understand how Google Analytics as an analytical tool helps marketers react immediately to customer demands and interests. For this, we can consider the example of Slickdeals which is an e-commerce website selling products online. Slickdeals guarantee its customers best deals, coupons, sales on a wide variety of products. It needs to customize its website based on various occasions, festivals and the region wise bestselling products on various e-commerce websites. This requires modifying the website almost every week or even less than a week. Google analytics can help Slickdeals in increasing their target sales specific to region by using various features of the tool. Goals of using Google Analytics and the feature used to achieve it can be: 1. To find out relevant and meaningful data coming from various regions- the first step in anyShow MoreRelatedWeb Analysis : Google Analytics791 Words   |  4 Pagesuses analytical tools to analyze their business and their web site based on the metrics derived from the analytic tools. There will be lot of data which is obtained from the analytic tools which most of the time the web site developers don’t make right insights with the data obtained from the analytic tools. 80% of the web based business does not use their analytics data; they don’t even track important factors like conversion rates and purchases. Google Analytics: It is an analytical administrationRead MoreAnalysis : Web Analytics 2.0 : The Art Of Online Accountability And Science Of Customer Centricity1223 Words   |  5 Pagestoday, whether small or large; to be linked to analytics and have a thorough understanding of converting the analytics into actionable insights in order to have a competitive advantage over others. Analytics is an important component of successful modern online businesses or the businesses with a website. According to the book ‘Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity’ by Avinash Kaushik â€Å"Web Analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitativeRead MorePicking The Perfect Analytical Tool For Our Business771 Words   |  4 PagesPicking the perfect analytical tool for our business can be a difficult task, tedious and expensive business. We can even go for free administrations, for example, Google Analytics. The issue is r egularly that regarding the matter of value or administrations, there isn t much in the method for a centre ground between the free administrations and the administrations that can cost you a large number of dollars. Many companies are complaining that there is huge amount of data and we don’t have enoughRead MoreWeb Analytics 2. 0 Essay779 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopment of web analytics was rather faltering in the era of Web Analytics 1.0, where a massive amount of data was collected from the web and decisions can barely be made over them. Yes, larger data tends to render a larger picture of descriptive information of the event, but it does not tell a whole story. In such conditions, what most companies normally find that there is a gap or a disconnection between customer behavior and strategies for the business. â€Å"Web Analytics 2.0 is: the analysisRead MoreWeb Analytics, The Measurement, Collection, Analysis And Reporting Of Web1065 Words   |  5 PagesWeb analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. However, Web analytics is not just a process for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of the business. Web analytics is characterized as a sway s examination of a site on its clients. E-trade organizations and other site distributers regularly utilize web investigation programmingRead MoreThe 10 / 90 Regime837 Words   |  4 Pages The 10/90 rule was developed by the Kaushik to help address the problem of having too much data and not enough insights. The 10/90 rule states that for every 10 dollars a company invests in analytics tools, they should invest another 90 dollars on people to analyze the data. His message is clear- information and insights are the end goal for creating value and a company can only get there by spending its resources on people more than machines. Companies need the insights and information and currentlyRead MoreThe Benefits Of Web Analytics1285 Words   |  6 PagesAvinash Kaushik’s 10/90 rule states that for every $10 you spend on a web analytics tool, you should be spending $90 on the people to analyze the numbers i.e. a company spending $50k on any paid solution, such as Adobe (Omniture) and Coremetrics, should be spending $450k on a team of web analysts to analyze and gain valuable insights, considering that a web analyst’s typical daily/weekly role is split into the following categories: (Younus, 2011) Often, companies either are not aware of or forgetRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Gopro Sells Products Direct From Their Website Online And Retail Locations1440 Words   |  6 Pagestrack them with analytical tools and RFID chips. 9.4 Marketing Technology. Throughout the marketing GoPro will leverage the latest in technologies to track and monitor the sales and marketing outreach. Google (the owner of YouTube) offers a free analytical tool for advertisers. Google Analytics will be implemented with all interned media campaigns. A HTML token is placed within each webpage, which helps analyze visitor traffic and paint the complete picture of their needs (Google, 2015). TheRead MoreImpact Of Big Data On Businesses1298 Words   |  6 Pagesopportunities for themselves. By using big data analytics, companies take timely decisions and provide customized solution in every field. Major challenge faced by big data in any of the above fields is the privacy of data. Law is in its nascent stage when it comes to online data privacy. Industry giants like Google, Facebook tap into this opportunity before the law gets stringent, for commercial success to target advertise. Privacy could be a powerful marketing tool for upcoming products services. The daysRead MoreNetwork And Web Analytics At Google Analytics1774 Words   |  8 Pages Analytic Tool: Clicky Asia Pressley April 2, 2016 ISM4420100_2016S_30026 (Social Media and Web Analytics [Spring 2016]) Developed by Roxr Software, Clicky is the best thing invited since Google Analytics. Some even think its better the the Google Analytics. This tool is free to analyze one website and that has less then 3000 daily page views (upgrade to more sites and premium features). Clicky, known for its simple interface, has an array of features that beat

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Events of WWII Meless Free Essays

On the morning of August 19, 1942 -? a convoy Of 237 ships reached Dipped and the German ships opened fire and woke the German soldiers. When the troops reached land the Germans were ready with a crossfire of bullets and artillery shells. 901 Canadians were killed, 2000 were captured, and only 221 1 soldiers made it back to England. We will write a custom essay sample on Events of WWII Meless or any similar topic only for you Order Now Who German troops, Allied Troops (US, Britain, Canada and Russia) Why – British commanders who planned the raid had little or no experience. The sea battle took away the surprise attack, and the German troops were ready and waiting y the time the allied troops reached land. Relevance -? Learning experience for the Allied commanders, Allies learned that the Nazi’s were well -prepped for future attacks on the French occupied coast and that any future attacks would have to be massive and well-organized. The failure of Dipped will help the planning of successful D-day. D-Day When – June 6, 1944 Where – Normandy France (Operation Overlord) Who – Germans, Americans, British and Canadians and American General Dwight D. Eisenhower What – Fought German troops, landing place had been pet secret and the Germans did not expect the attack. Invading troops had the massive support and protection. Landing was successful and within one month, more than one million allied Troops Were steadily pushing German armies out of France. Germans faced ;o major fronts and the Allied demanded Germany’s unconditional surrender. In the end, Hitler shot himself and Mussolini and his wife ended up getting caught by the Italians underground resistance fighters and were later killed. Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself and finally the Europeans celebrated. This lead to V-E day (Victory in Europe Day) Relevance – Highly successful and well- planning battle, Germans were bombed and had to surrender – Ultimately this began the end for the European front of the War, leading to V-E day. Japan continues the Fight (A-bomb) Where – Pacific (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan) What -? Americans continued to fight the Japanese (who had never surrender policy, Kamikaze fighter pilots). Eventually, the Americans detonated the American bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima When – August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima and soon after in Nagasaki. Japan officially surrendered on August 14, 1945. Who – President Truman (USA), The US Military, Japan and Japanese Civilians (90 000 people died from the a-bomb in Hiroshima) Why – Americans wanted to shorten the war as it was still going on despite the German defeat. By dropping the A-bombs, Americans the first to use nuclear weapons in a war. Relevance -? Use of A-bombs helped the Americans defeat the Asian but at a high civilian cost. Ended WI. Revolutionized modern warfare and it was the foundation of Cubism (fear of nuclear weapons in General). How to cite Events of WWII Meless, Papers

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Anthropology Defined Essay Example For Students

Anthropology Defined Essay 1. Articulate what you have learned this semester about dispelling the myth of Man the Hunter and Woman the Gatherer, which flourished under the patriarchal influence in archaeology of the early to mid twentieth century. Give a few examples of ways that women contributed in prehistoric societies or contribute in modern tribal societies which were largely overlooked by archaeologists in the past. Your Answer:According to our main source of Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective the book along with lecture gave us many examples of barriers and preconditioned notions of mans work or womans work and how these barriers and outlines have been broken and rewritten over the course of time and throughout the years. Women have been proven to have made tools as well as keep a home and family together. We saw examples of women who also did meat and animal gathering for the family. It was not solely left up to the man and his troops. It has also been founded that much of the art work and record kee ping was not men but done by women. Women today are in charge of family and providing. They are in charge of food providing as well as keeping the house together. Women in todays tribes are the center of their sole existence. In present day women are contributing and active more than ever. The only difference now from then is that they are archeologically as well as locally recognized as having more to do with the whole scheme of family and provision than that of before. It is more known and accepted decisions and traditions. They not only keep the ways of their tribes but they also have enabled and provided their families to be more well rounded leaving both genders to participate in all necessary activities. The lines have seemed to diminish and a more well oiled machine of family and providing has taken place. ;#65532;2. In your opinion and based on what you learned this semester, what are the three (3) most important global issues facing women today? (500 word essay with supporting information for your choices). Your Answer:In their lives too many women are abuse for such petty reasons and in all sorts of abuse, Sexual division of labor and gender expectations and a unheard and still disrespected voic e. Abuse of all sorts is a common and to overly populated problematic. Whether it be domestic or under the guise of religious practice, abuse to women and females of all ages wide spread. There are no boundaries to the horrible forms of acts. Abuse domestically is so profound and I personally find it insane that it does not have a certain grouping. All and any are subject to this abuse, no matter race, color, creed, social status, or religion. Women themselves are targets for all sorts of men that feel they are in charge or should be the final say so. Abuse does not have to be physical, it can be emotional, mental and sexually. There seems to be no real outline to that of who are abused or why. It is usually a crime of disrespect and generated by a need for power of one human over another. Globally as well as locally sexual divisions of labor are still in place even in this year of 2005. How sad that women is still not recognized for her talents and gifts to offer but even when util ized for these very ideas she is still not compensated in a same and fair manner as that of a man. Women are still seen as a common little housemaid that is a fetch and tote put here for that to the use of men. All over the world women are not regarded or deemed as important figures in society and or useful to all around them. Even here in the U.S. women are not given the same resulting jobs or status in jobs or socially unless she fights and claws her way to the top, then she is deemed a B or some other fabulous name for working her rear off. Sad. Even when a women is given a equal position she is still regarded as a girl and not an

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The First free essay sample

In the first part of this lab, E. coli cells were transformed with an R-plasmid carrying a tetracycline resistant gene, giving rise to tetracycline resistant E. coli strain. This was accomplished through transformation, which allowed E. coli to directly uptake the naked DNA molecule carrying the antibiotic resistant gene (1). However, in order to take up the DNA and incorporate them into their genome via recombination, cells must be competent (1). Therefore, E. coli cells which are not competent under normal conditions were treated with cold and high concentration of CaCl2, in order to make them artificially competent (1). The transformants were grown on the LB with the tetracycline antibiotic, and on the LB without the tetracycline. Then the viable competent cells and the viable cells were counted to calculate the frequency of transformation. In the second part of the lab, lateral gene transfer by generalized transduction was done on E. coli cells. In the process of transduction, the transfer of genes is facilitated by bacteriophage, which is a virus that infects a bacterial host (1). We will write a custom essay sample on The First or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Generalized transduction involves lytic infections that kill the bacterial cells, and during the process, bacterial DNA is packaged into a new phage head which in turn injects the DNA into another bacterium (1). In this lab, P1vir phage was used and grown on the donor strain by making a phage lysate. P1vir phage kills bacterial cells by lytic infections, which is required in the generalized transduction (1). On the other hand, the wild-type p1 is a lysogenic phage and therefore could not be used for the generalized transduction (1). In order to prevent excessive killing of the recipient E. oli strain, the P1vir lysate was tittered by serial dilutions. This would also prevent infection and lysis of the transducing particle. In generalized transduction, trp-pyrF region of CSH61 chromosome, which was the P1vir lysate, was laterally transferred to the recipient CSH54 strain. The genotypes of transductants were tested by patching them onto a Petrie plate lacking tryptophan and uracil, whi ch will allow growth of trp+, pyrF+, and not the trp+,pyrF- transductants. Trp gene encodes for trypsin, while the pyrF gene encodes for pyramidines, such as uracil. Thi, his, and pro genes encode for thiamine, histidine, and proline respeictively (1). Finally, the frequency of transductant was used to obtain the distance between the trp and pyrF gene. Discussion In the transformation experiment, E. coli cells were transformed with Plasmid DNA containing the tetracycline resistant gene, and were tested for competency by growing them in LB in presence of tetracycline antibiotic. Tetracycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic that works by inhibiting translation, thus inhibiting protein synthesis. It attaches to the 30S subunit of ribosome and prevents the charged aminoacyl-tRNA from binding (3). As shown on Table 1, Tube 3 and Tube 2 did not have any growth of E. coli cells. Tube 2 contained E. coli cells only, and when cultured on the LB plate in presence of tetracycline antibiotic, the growth was inhibited by the antibiotic. Because the E. coli cells in tube 2 lacked the tetracycline resistant gene contained in the plasmid DNA, it was unable to grow in the presence of tetracycline antibiotic. Tube 3, lacked the E. coli cells and so, there were no cells to grow in the LB plate with or without the tetracycline. Tube 3 instead was used as a control, to test for contamination in the plasmid DNA and the calcium chloride. In tube 1, which contained the E. coli cells and the plasmid DNA containing the tetracycline resistant gene, transformation occurred. As a result, E. coli cells have acquired the tetracycline resistant gene, being able to grow on the LB plate in the presence of the tetracycline antibiotic. Therefore the viable competent cells were counted from tube 1 contents in 102 diluted LB (with antibiotic), which had cells between 30 and 300 colonies. On the other hand, the total viable cells were counted from tube 1 in 106 diluted plate that was grown on LB without the antibiotic. As shown on table. 2, the viable competent cells were calculated to be 24350 cells/100ul and the total viable cells were found to be 370,500,000 cells/100ul. Finally, the transformation frequency, which is the ratio of transformants per viable cell, was calculated and was found to be 6. 49 x 10-05 as shown on table 2. In the generalized transduction experiment, trp gene from the donor strain of CSH61 (P1vir lysate) was laterally transferred to the recipient strain, CSH54. CSH61 strain are trp+, pyrF+ and the CSH54 strain are trp-, pyrF-, and because trp and pyrF are linked together on the same chromosomal fragment, they are cotransduced (1). The transductants were identified by selecting for the trp+ marker by growing in absence of tryptophan, however the pyrF marker may be present or absent, depending on the crossover event during recombination. This was identified by patching the transductants onto a Petrie plate lacking tryptophan and uracil. The trp+, pyrF+ transductants will be able to synthesize both tryptophan and uracil, and therefore will grow in this minimal medium (1). However, trp+, pyrF- transductants cannot grow in the medium, because they won’t be able to synthesize uracil (1). As shown on table 3, 57. 5% of transductants were trp+, pyrF+ while 42. 5% were trp+, pyrF-. This means trp is cotransduced with pyrF at 57. 5% frequency, which indicates that they are very closely linked. Markers which are separated by less than 0. 5 minutes are cotransduced at 35-95%, and so, trp which cotransduced with pyrF at 57. 5%, is very closely linked (1). This closely matches the actual cotransduction frequency of 55% between trp and pyrF in E. oli (2). According to the Wu formula, the cotransduction frequency of 57. 5% yielded distance of 0. 084 minutes, which was very close to the distance of 0. 09 minutes at cotransduction frequency of 55% found in literature (2). Bacterial genes can also be analyzed by a method known as Southern blotting (4). In this method, DNA is treated with restriction enzymes, which cuts the DNA into fragments of different size. Then the fragments are run on an agarose gel by electrophoresis, which separates the fragments by size.

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the World of porn essays

the World of porn essays It is just as wrong to censor portrayals of alternative sexual lifestyles as it is to suppress those of different political or religious systems. In all likelihood, given the large range of human differences that exist, the best system in the present regard is a pluralistic one that allows individuals to discover the different modes of living that maximize their fulfillment. As stated in the book Pornography the other side (pg.100) by Ferrel M.Christensen. Some people can view pornography as wrong and unethical, but that is only personal belief. Pornography is not wrong and is clearly a freedom, others may also believe. I personally do not believe porn is bad or is morally wrong. When Adam and Eve were first created and put on earth as believed in the Catholic faith they conceived in sex. It was their freedom to have sex as it is today for couples to have sex. If people choose to have sex and have it taped or photographed and sold for money that is also their right. Pornography and the industry it is tied with should remain a freedom of expression. Although pornography around the world is legal, child pornography is not legal anywhere in the world. Children who have been abused in the production of pornography demonstrate a high multitude of symptoms: emotional withdrawal, anti-social behavior, mood swings, depression, fear and anxiety. They are at high-risk too later become perpetrators themselves. The most destructive feelings those children carry are guilt and shame. Stated by the Child advocacy group ECPAT. Child Pornography is wrong and criminal. Child pornography is when an adult does sexual acts with a minor or a child. 87% of convicted molesters said they at some time viewed child pornography. Criminals who tape child pornography are ethically wrong and should serve life sentences in jail. Child pornography will never be accepted and will always be one of the sickest thin ...

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Shakespeares personal life and the writings of Hamlet Research Paper

Shakespeares personal life and the writings of Hamlet - Research Paper Example The rest of this essay is an exercise toward this end. First of all, in order to understand the connection between the personal and the professional, it is important to locate the exact time period in which the play was written. Given that Shakespeare lived during the late sixteenth century and early seventeenth century, there are no authoritative accounts of when the play was written. So one can only arrive at a tentative date; and scholarly consensus designates the period between 1599 and 1602. (Fedderson, 2000, p.145) By this time, Shakespeare was already an established playwright and his works had acquired him critical appreciation as well as popular recognition. He was in his late thirties by this time and been married to Anne Hathaway for close to twenty years. Hence, it is fair to say that Shakespeare had seen enough of lifes challenges and travails to have gained insights into human relationships. (Ross, 1999, p.6) And the vividness with which the author puts forth emotions related to betrayal, treachery and grave indignation in the play is a reflection of his own maturity as a person. As Prof. Park Honanspents recent biography on the great artist reveals, â€Å"In addition to fresh information about the women in Shakespeares life, what has come to light is playwrights connections with more sinister matters and how his personal experiences of treachery were mirrored on stage. Using new computerised linguistic research, researchers claim that Shakespeares acquaintance with murder in his private life was not only reflected in the plots of his plays, but actually performed by Shakespeare on stage.† (The Birmingham Post, Oct, 1998, p.3) This is a relevant observation, for the central plot of Hamlet is one of revenge and murder. In it, Prince Hamlet contrives to kill his uncle Claudius, for his father was killed and the throne usurped by the latter. Shakespeare is no stranger